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Coty Airspun Loose Powder review

February 12, 2016

coty airspun powder review

Today I really want to talk to you about one of my latest discoveries in the drugstore world: The Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, in Translucent Extra Coverage.

I have picked this one up from before Christmas while I was doing a lot of my Christmas shopping and I had previously heard people compare it to the cult status Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, so I thought why not? Now, I don’t own that one, so I would not be able to say how this compares to it unfortunately.

coty airspun powder reviewCoty is a brand created by François Coty in 1904, which started with perfumes and then expanded to all things beauty- his idea was simple: rich yet affordable cosmetics. I think the history is part of why this product also appealed to me, the idea that women have been using this powder since 1935 and it’s still a viable option for us women today.

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. It comes in a clear plastic container with an orange top, and while it does have quite a light feeling, I don’t think it necessarily feels cheap. The top is decorated in a very vintage way with what seem to be little clouds of cotton or little powder puffs, giving it a very vintage feel. Inside you can find the powder, the whole of 65 grams of it, which is A LOT compared to most brands, with a sifter as well as a very soft powder puff, which, to be completely honest, I am not really using, as I prefer a powder brush or a sponge.

coty airspun powder reviewThe powder itself is  “an exclusive Microspun formula where loose powder particles are spun and swirled until they reach cloudlike softness.” And it is indeed very soft and finely milled, a lot better compared to my Nyx translucent powder. The colour is a soft beige instead of the usual white however it shows clear on the skin. Also, there is no flashback, which is always a nice extra if you know you will be photographed with flash.

coty airspun powder reviewAlso, before I got this, I was never really able to ‘bake’ my under eye as it somehow ended up looking like a cakey mess, however since I got this I am more and more tempted to do it almost every single time I do my makeup. If you don’t know what baking is, it’s applying an excessive amount of powder under your eyes and leaving it on for few minutes to warm up on your skin and then remove the excess. This really sets in the concealer and gives a flawless finished look.

coty airspun powder review

Overall, this is probably the best loose powder that I have used so far and I strongly recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it!You can find it here.

Have you tried this or what other loose powders do you generally like and recommend, either drugstore or high end?


Please let me know your thoughts below in the comments section :)


Lots of love,

Claudia x


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatch and Review

January 27, 2016

colourpop ultra matte lipsticks liquid

Today I wanted to chat about one of the most talked about brands within the beauty community- Colourpop. I  made an order from their website (which is unfortunately the only way to get it here in the UK- even though this might change very soon, as a UK company might start to sell them online- will make an update once I have more info).  I’ve ordered more than just this however today I was really keen on reviewing their most popular products, which are their Ultra Matte Lip colours.

From left to right in indirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper ultra matte lip review

Product overview

If you are even slightly into makeup, you will know that liquid lipsticks are all the trend and each and every company has released their own version. While most range on average around the $15-$20 dollars mark, these come in at a very affordable price tag of $6, which is basically just over £4. The other thing to mention about their range is that it’s all made in the USA, which in my eyes is a very good reason to try them out, as well as being cruelty free. They have a crazy range of colours for all of their products, however the lip colours stood out the most to me, with 43 colours to choose from in their Matte Lip range.

colourpop ultra matte

First of all, let’s talk about packaging. These come in a long and clear plastic tube with a silver cap. The packaging feels quite sturdy which is nice for such a low price, with my only complaint being about the writing on the packaging itself. The silver, sort of holographic looks really pretty, however it rubs off very quickly. As you might be able to spot in one of the photos, I have used Bumble for maybe 5-7 maximum and the writing is almost gone. On the bright side though, the label on the bottom with the name of the shade is a sticker so that should not be a problem.


Application and Removal

The consistency of these liquid lipsticks is very thin compared to a fairly similarly priced competitor, the Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream, which have a very moussey and thick consistency. All the colours are very opaque and you do not need to go over it several times to get a perfect application, quite the contrary. I find that a thinner layer ends up looking most true to colour and also helps it stay on a lot longer.

In terms of the actual application, I recommend using a lip liner (which I think is a must for any liquid lipstick, as they are very unforgiving and can easily look uneven) over which you can put a very thin layer. Personally I remove some of the product off the doe-foot applicator back in the glass so I have a lot more precision with a bit of product if that makes sense. Talking about the applicator, as you can see, it has a standard doe foot, which makes it nice and easy to apply, however it is not the best one on the market.

From left to right in indirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper ultra matte lip review Also another thing which is sort of a must with any liquid lipstick and in particular with this one is having prepped lips. Using a lip balm while doing the rest of your makeup and blotting it before applying the lipstick is a good ideas, as well as exfoliating the night before and applying lip balm or a lip mask before bed makes all the difference.

These last on me around 4-6 hours with very minimal transfer (mostly in the inner part of the lips if I drink something hot or eat something) however that is expected with any lip product in my opinion. They are slightly drying (anyone who tells you otherwise must be lying) but then again all liquid lipsticks are. For a comfortable option, you should look at satin finish lipsticks or bullet form matte lipsticks. Reapplications can be made, however again, like I mentioned before, make sure you do a very thin layer, because if you just take the applicator and rub that all over the lips, instead of drying it will start cracking which, let’s admit, is never attractive, especially when you’re not at home and cannot remove it properly.

I like to remove these by applying a bit of cleansing oil over my lips and rubbing it for few seconds, after which I remove it with a pad (make sure to not make too many swift motions, as it might get all over your face). After I go in with a normal makeup remover, which seems to finish up the job just right.


Colours and swatches 

I have bought 8 colours:

Solow is described as a “pale pastel baby pink.” It’s a lightly brightened, light-medium pink with neutral-to-warm undertones.

Bumble is described as a “dusty warm terracotta.” It’s a muted, medium rosy pink with warm undertones and a matte finish.

Tulle is described as a “dusty mauve burgundy.” It’s a medium-dark, neutral-to-warm plum-red with a matte finish.

Bad habit  is described as a “dusty mauve pink.” It’s a muted, medium-dark pinky plum with cool undertones and a semi-matte finish (this was the only one that still had a bit of a sheen even when completely dried down)

Creeper is described as a “true classic blue red.” It’s a brightened, medium-dark red with cool, blue undertones and a smooth, matte finish.

Avenue is described as a “deep yellow red.” It’s a slightly muted, medium-dark burgundy red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish.

Lax  is described as a “vampy blackened red.” It’s a very, very dark burgundy with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish.

Zipper is described as a “deep blackened purple.” It’s a dark, eggplant purple with slightly warmer, pink tones and a matte finish.

colourpop ultra matte swatch and review From left to right in direct sunlight swatch: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper

From left to right in direct sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper

As you can probably see, the darker colours are the ones that have a tendency to be slightly patchy and apply uneven. My biggest disappointment was LAX, as it’s a such a beautiful vampy colours, yet it seems to be one of the easiest one to crack and smudge.

The other thing that I wanted to mention about the colours is that they tend to look a bit darker on the lips than on the tube and sometimes even on the hand. I am not sure exactly why that is, but I know for a fact that I am not the only one that noticed that.

From left to right in in ndirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper swatch and review colourpop ultra matte

From left to right in in indirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper


Overall conclusion

I really like these and I think that for such a low price they’re worth trying out! I have a couple more coming in the post soon hopefully so I will update you with those also when I get them. Also I have to say that out of all of them, my favourite colours must be Bumble, Avenue and Bad Habit :)

Have you tried any of these before and what are your thoughts? If not, which shade would you like to try?

Don’t forget to say hi on BloglovinTwitter and Instagram!

Lots of love,




Nars Fanny Audacious Lipstick Review

January 25, 2016

Nars audacious lipstick fanny review

When it comes to beauty products, as much as I try to love them all equally, lipsticks simply have a special space in my heart. Which is why it seems like I am on a quest of owning at least one lipstick from every brand out there. However today in particular I want to talk about one of my favourite lipstick formulas of all time: the Nars Audacious Line.

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. The lipstick comes in a heavy, black case with magnetic closure. Fortunately, unlike other Nars packaging, the Audacious line has a non-rubbery texture to it which means that it’s fingerprint-friendly and will not look like it’s been kept in your bag for the last three years after a week of use. Also the magnetic closure is very handy and gives it an expensive feeling. Nars audacious lipstick fanny review

Nars describes the Audacious line as a ‘Single-stroke coverage so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious.
Forty shades of unabashed luxury for unstoppable impact’. As you can see it is not described as a long lasting lipstick and it does not claim to be matte, which are some of the complaints that I have seen some people have in the past. If you’re looking for something more long lasting or with a matte effect, I can recommend either their Matte Lip Pencil line or their Pure Matte Lipsticks.Nars audacious lipstick fanny review

In terms of colours, Fanny is described as a ‘rich berry’. I would say that this is very true, however it also tends to have a lot of purple tones in it, therefore I would describe it as a cool toned berry pink. The finish on this one is very opaque-a look could be achieved with one swipe only- with a sheen, similar to the Tom Ford lipsticks, if you’ve had the chance to try them. However, if you wish a more matte effect, blotting will achieve that look instantly. Personally however I think that their natural finish gives lips a fuller, more seductive look and when blotted they lose some of those qualities.

collage nars audacious fanny swatch

On top: Fanny in indirect sunlight. Bottom: Fanny in direct sunlight

The lipstick glides on very easily and creates an opaque look instantly, without needing to go over it 4 or 5 times unlike other brands. In terms of longevity, it lasts on few for a good four to five hours and it leaves behind a beautiful stain.

Overall, the quality of the lipstick is outstanding with a beautiful colour payoff and such a comfortable formula, without it being drying or moisturizing either. This is the first time that I am trying this range and I am definitely looking forward to adding more shades to my collection, in particular as they have 40 (!) different shades and they seem to all be having the same beautiful consistency.

Nars audacious lipstick fanny review

I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you’ve tried any of the Nars Audacious lipsticks or if you’d like to try one. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Lots of love,



The best face primer under £5

January 20, 2016

nivea primer men aftershave

In the last few months or so, the beauty world has exploded with the discovery of an unexpected primer: a man’s aftershave balm. Yes, you heard that right! Nikkietutorials, who is a pretty famous beauty vlogger, was once staying over at her boyfriend’s house and as she had ran out of moisturizer to use under her foundation, so she used this instead. She noticed how her makeup looked so much better that day and had to attribute it to this unsung hero. And voila, we got ourselves a new obsession!

nivea primer aftershave balm sensitive

First of all, let’s talk about what’s in this balm that actually helps it be a great primer. As you can see in the photo above, the main ingredient., after water, is glycerine. The reason why this is such an important part is because it helps moisturize, calm down the skin as well as help other products latch on, in this case foundation and concealer. Therefore, your makeup will last a lot longer than the usual- at least myself as well as a lot of other bloggers found so.


In terms of the actual consistency for the balm, it is very similar to other hydrating primers, it has a smooth gel feeling and it absorbs in the skin pretty quickly, however I would recommend waiting 1 or 2 minutes to apply your base, to make sure that it’s all  sunk in. Below you can see that it’s quite runny and you don’t need that much, maybe one large drop as you don’t want too much- hello shiny disco ball! In terms of the smell, it obviously has a ‘man’ smell which I personally love it however it disappears within minutes, once it’s all dried out.

nivea primer aftershave balm sensitive

Overall, this primer leaves my normal to dry skin feeling very hydrated and smooth, and it helps my foundation slip so nicely without caking up or getting attached to any of my dry patches. Oh, and did I mention the price? You get 100 ml for under £5. Actually, currrently Wilko has it on offer here for £2.45. which is insanely affordable compared to most primers, in particular mid to high end, which can be anywhere between £12 to £25, usually for a 30 ml bottle.

nivea primer aftershave balm sensitive

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this before or are you tempted? Also, how does it compare to other primers that you’ve previously used?



Please let me know in the comments below- I’d love to hear your thoughts on this unusual primer!


Lots of love,







Review: Collection Conceal and Light Like a Pro

January 18, 2016

Few weeks back, I wrote a review on the new-ish Blush and Go palette that sells exclusively in Boots- you can read that here for more details. Today I want to talk about my other pick from this collection, which is the ‘Conceal and Light Like a Pro’ palette.

In a similar fashion to the other palettes, it comes in a black lightweight cardboard packaging, which tends to feel quite cheap but at the same times it’s expected considering the very low price of the palette- I got it for sale for £4, and I think full price is around £6.99. The other thing that I noticed with this one: because of the black packaging, it tends to get dirty very quickly and I find myself having to wipe it every time I use it, which can become a bit of a hassle- maybe it’s just me, as I really don’t like grubby makeup and want everything tidy and super clean.


The other thing that I was slightly disappointed with is that it doesn’t have a mirror, which would have been really useful, but oh well. Moving on to the actual product: it comes with 8 different concealing and correcting shades: on the left side you can find the 4 skintone colours, while on the right side, you have a green, lilac, yellow corrector as well as a brightening, shimmery pink. 

When I saw this, I was quite ecstatic, as I only own one or two  orange correctors and I was excited to be expanding my collection into other colour ranges however I was very disappointed with the actual quality of these. They are very poorly pigmented and simply do not show on the skin the way a corrector/concealer should. At this point I am not sure if it’s my skintone or what, but they all sort of look white on me, especially the correcting shades. I tried to use the green on a broken blood vessel that I have on my cheek and it literally did nothing- and it’s not even THAT red, it’s just a slight discoloration which can mostly be covered by a good medium coverage foundation.

Below you can see the swatches for yourself. They all sort of look the same to me and have a white cast, which means that you couldn’t use these under your eyes, especially if you have any kind of dark circles, as it will make them appear grey.


However I read one or two reviews of people who have used this and enjoyed it to cover up blemishes so I could not speak about that, as I haven’t tried it like that yet apart from my failed experiment. However, I have to say that I don’t find them to be creamy enough and I think they would end up emphasizing any dryness and would ‘crack’ if you use any powder on top if that makes sense.

Overall, I will keep trying to use this, however compared to other products such as Collection’s own Lasting Perfection concealer as well as other creamy concealers out there, I think I would give this one a miss.

I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you’ve used this or any other similar palettes. I look forward to your thoughts in the comments section below!


Lots of love,



Makeup Revolution Highlighter – Nars Dupe?

January 8, 2016


Until maybe 6 months ago or so, I had never owned or tried on a highlighter and now I own more than 5 which is quite a lot for someone who loves a flawless, matte look. One of the first drugstore brands that I heard a lot about is the ever affordable Makeup Revolution and their highlighter in Golden Lights.

First of all, this has an insanely affordable price tag of £3 and has 7.5 gr of products, compared to say, Nars which only has 4g for £20 more. The case is a sturdy-ish plastic case with a transparent lid so you can see the product, which is quite nice. Inside, the product has a swirly pattern to it which makes me think of waves (damn I miss summer!), which make it look quite pretty and at the same time makes you not want to use it at all.


If you look at it just in the pan, you might think that this is a stark white, chalky product, however you’d be surprised that it’s an opal-gold highlighter with tiny golden shimmers. This is the type of colour that would work on fair girls as long as it’s applied lightly, as well as on medium to tan skin tones, with the golden particles giving a very summery, healthy, glowy look to the cheeks. as well as lightly added with what’s remaining on the brush on the cupid bow and tip of the nose.

A little goes a long way and I suggest you use a light hand unless you want like a disco ball (literally). In terms of the actual quality, it would be difficult to compare it to high end counterparts, as it’s a lots less finely milled, however for the price difference, it’s a great everyday product that makes you look like you’re glowing from within.


Unfortunately I do not currently own Albatros from Nars as I could not bring myself to spend £23 on that highlighter (I prefer slightly more muted highlighters) however one of my very good friends is simply obsessed with it and I have had the chance to play with it and it gives exactly the same sort of look from afar, however if you look closely, the MUR will slightly emphasize the pores if not applied correctly and could look a bit over the top.


Overall, I think this is a great drugstore/high street highlight that I would recommend to anyone trying to get into the highlight trend and doesn’t want to spend a small fortune. Also Make up Revolution has this highlighter in two other shades,a more pink version as well as a peach, more toned down version. You can find these in Superdrug, both online and in store, as well as on the Makeup Revolution website.


I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you’ve tried any of the MUR highlighters and if they compared to any high end ones in your opinion. I look forward to your replies in the comments below.


Lots of love,



Best holiday palette: In theBalm of Your Hand

January 4, 2016

As December has come to an end, as well as 2015, I just had to talk about what the best holiday palette is in my opinion, which is also my highlight of the month.  I have previously heard about this palette from the Balm from EmilyNoel83 and I instantly wanted it. I had decided to pick it up during the 50% sale on The Balm website, however the website crashed for several hours and then the palette sold out within minutes, so I simply ended up ordering it from Debenhams with a 10 % off voucher, which amounted to around £30.

The Balm in the Balm of your Hand paletteThis palette comes in cardboard packaging, much like other The Balm products if you own any- personally this was my first product from the brand and it allows me to test several products which is why I think it’s a great product. You will not be disappointed with the print on it, as it has several of the best selling icons, such as ‘Meet Matte Nude, ‘Bahama Mama’, ‘Frat Boy’ and, dare I say, probably most of their makeup products. This gives it a very fun and vibrant look, which I love. Inside you will find a decent size mirror, which is a nice little extra.

Also I feel like the palette is very travel friendly, with a magnetic closure and a very thin yet sturdy packaging.Also I have kept the sleeve that it comes with, as I think it could be useful for traveling, for extra safety. Also in terms of packaging, it very much reminds me of the Zoeva palettes, which are some of my favorite eye shadow palettes this year.


The Balm in the Balm of your Hand palette

Now let’s get into what’s actually inside this bad boy! This palette, which has written under the main name ‘Greatest Hits volume 1’ is probably the best way to describe it. It contains best selling products all put under one super cute roof. It has 4 eye shadows, 3 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, a cream cheek/lip product and a cream lipstick.  Also I think it’s safe to assume that they will be coming up with volume 2 next year or sometimes in the future, so look out for that in your news feed!

From left to right: Hot Mama, Instain Blush in Argyle, CabanaBoy and Bahama Mama

From left to right: Hot Mama, Instain Blush in Argyle, CabanaBoy and Bahama Mama

First up is the top row, from left to right in the palette and top to bottom in the swatch, which features Hot Mama – a shimmery peach shade that lifts skin and can be used as either a blusher or eyeshadow; Instain Blush in Argyle – a pretty, mid-tone pink; CabanaBoy – a deeper, berry shade that can work as both a blusher or a shadow and finally Bahama Mama – a matte bronzer.

DSC_0345The next row down contains the four eyeshadows and highlighter, from left to right in the palette and top to bottom in the swatch  we have two Shady Lady eye shadows – Insane Jane which is a stunning, silvery taupe and Mischievous Marissa – a bright copper. Next is Nude’Tude’s eyeshadow in Sexy – a muddy, matte cranberry, which is so great, as I was almost ready to buy that palette for this shade only. The last eye shadow is from the  Balm Jovi eye shadow in Lead Zeppelin – a deep khaki shot through with golden shimmer.


Last, but not least is Mary-Lou Manizer, which is the Balm’s best selling product and a cult product praised by makeup lovers worldwide. This is a light gold highlighter which would suit most skin tones up to medium tan I would say.

The final products can be used on the lips; firstly the mid-toned nude shade is from the How Bout Them Apples palette, and the The Balm Girls Lip Cream shade of Mia Moore is an incredibly pigmented red – I was not expecting it to provide such intense colour payoff and I actually loved it so much, that I had to run and grab the full size lipstick! Also I really love that this side of the palette with the cream products has its own lid which means that your cream and powders won’t be mixing up, avoiding one big mess.


Now, on to thoughts after using the palette: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the face products. I am quite fortunate with a medium, warm- olive toned skin which suits most colors in terms of blush and bronzers so I had a blast with all these colors. Initially I was quite disappointed with my Mary-Lou Manizer as I expected it to be BA BAM in your face sort of highlighter however mine was almost not there in terms of pigmentation and felt scratchy. I am not sure if this happened to anyone else, but mine had a film on top, so I had to use something to scratch it off and only after the product had great pigmentation and felt creamy as expected. I am in love with Cabana Boy and the Instain Blush and I feel like I now also want to pick up Frat Boy and more blushes generally from them.

The eye shadows have great pigmentation and are as buttery and blendable as you would expect. I find all of them to be very wearable and have used several times since getting palette. Also the best part is that the face products can double up as eye shadows so you can have a total of 10 eye shadows if desired, with a mix of matte and shimmery options.


Overall I would say that this is a fantastic product for anyone who wants to try The Balm products for the first time or wants a good round up on The Balm products in one place for convenience or to travel with.

You can still find it at Debenhams here so I recommend to go buy it RIGHT NOW!


Lots of love,

Claudia xx




Collection Pro: Blush and Glow Palette review

December 21, 2015


In the last few months, I feel that Collection has really stepped up their game and have come with a lot of new great products as well as generally having some of the best products in the drugstore for such great prices. As part of their Pro collection, they came up with two face palette, including the Blush and Glow palette which I have previously seen on few blog, yet could not get my hands on it. The Pro range is limited edition and sells exclusively in Boots. I was very lucky to find it in a random boots and also for a really good price, as they have everything for under £4 so I paid £4 only for it!

It comes in a cardboard packaging, not the sturdiest yet it makes the product very light and easy to take with you as a face palette on holiday or even keep in your makeup bag if you have a medium to big one. I love little details such as the coppery writing on the top which give it a more expensive feeling than an under £5 product. The palette includes a bronzer, a highlight and two different blushes.


Now, let’s get into the more details. I did not want to review this product as soon as I got it as I wanted to have a chance to use it and give you a better idea of what to expect. First impressions were really good, as I enjoyed all the colors in each pan. Unfortunately the blushes do not have names, so I just refer to them as the pink and the peach however I think they would both beautifully on skin tones from fair to a medium tan I would say. Anyone with a darker skin tone might not find much use in this, as the bronzer and one of the blushes would not show at all.

Surprisingly enough, the powders are quite creamy, not incredibly powdery, which is really helpful when picking it up, as it doesn’t make a mess. Also I find all four of these to be pigmented enough and did not need a lot of building up, with the highlighter being probably the weakest one, but then again I am very picky with my highlighters so I think I am slightly biased.


Here you can see swatches for the four shades. As you can see, the bronzer is neutral with slightly warm toned, so again I am not sure if this will appeal to people that enjoy a very ashy color, however on my skin- around NC30, it shows up great and does not look muddy at all or orange. The highlight is quite a subtle shade and has some pink iridescence to it. The first blush is a matte light pink with a cool tone, very much suited for girls with fair skin or for someone who likes only the , while the other more peachy blush has shimmer in it however it still resembles a satin finish and is probably a fairly flattering color for a lot of people.


Overall, I would say that this is a great palette for someone who is looking for a going away palette or loves the convenience of having three types of products in one palette. Have you tried any of the Collection Pro range products yet or generally anything from Collection? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear your thoughts.






One brand haul and first impressions: Sleek Makeup

December 10, 2015

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about a recent mini haul where I got quite few things from Sleek, as well as my first impressions, as I’ve never tried this brand before.


I chose to get one of their palettes, the i-Divines Dark Mattes, a blush and one of their liquid lipsticks as I’ve seen few reviews about them and these days we all seem to love the mattes! Also Boots had a promotion with a free gift included,  so I got a free eye and cheek palette. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the details!


Ultra Mattes Palette Dark

The item that I am the most excited about is the i-Divine palette. I have heard quite few people talking about them and consider that it’s under £10 for 12 colors, it’s an absolute bargain. I chose the matte darks, as I don’t have anything that has dark blues and greens, compared to the usual light toned mattes.


The packaging is similar for all the products: black plastic packaging, nothing too fancy. which I personally prefer. Inside you will find the 12 shadow pans. The first thing that I noticed is that the palette has a plastic cover with the color names on it, which is super unpractical. What are you supposed to do- keep that forever so you know what shade you are using? Sleek, if you are reading this, sort yourselves out!


On to the actual eye shadows: the pigmentation is okay. The swatches that you see below have been worked up with 2-3 swipes to give you an idea of how the color could look like if you’re going to be patient and pack then on the lid. Out of the 12, 3 of the colors, more precisely the light colors are an absolute dud. They simply do not show AT ALL. As in nothing, nada, nicht. Which is a shame, as this means that you will always have to use this palette in combination with another light eye shadow for the brow bone or to add an accent. All in all, I am quite happy with the colors in this one and I would recommend it, as it helps create great smokey looks. I just wish the light colors would be more pigmented.

Blush in Flushed


I have previously heard very good things about their blushes, and while I initially thought of getting one of the three blushes palette, I ended up with just one so I can try out the formula. First of all, I obviously had to dip my nail in the pan (crying on the inside!) so my OCD self can have a heart attack as now it’s ruined forever.

I really like this blush and the color it gives. It might look a bit scary in the pan, however I find it that it gives you a nice…well, flush, as the names calls it, as if you’ve been out in the cold on a snowy day. I think this is more suited to medium and deeper skintones, as on a fair person it might look a bit more intense. But then again, if you want to make a statement, this is your blush! All in all, definitely this is my favorite product that I’ve tried from Sleek so far and I am looking forward to buy more shades.

Matte Me Lipstick in Birthday Suit

The other thing that I really wanted to get hands on was Sleek’s version of a liquid matte lipstick. They have, I believe, 6 or 8 shades, and normally I wuld go for a deep purple or red tone, however I looked up swatches and Birthday Suit seemed like such a beautiful slightly dusty rose nude color, that I could not contain myself. Initially, when I tried it, I was not very happy with the color at all. I felt like it washed me out entirely and I was ready to give up on it. However, I applied it a second time, this time with a lip liner under, a mauvy shade and it looked a lot better.

In terms of the quality, if you’re familiar with liquid to matte lipsticks, you’ll know that you apply it and leave it on for 30 seconds to one minute without touching it while it dries out. After that, you are free to go about your business and you can forget that you are wearing anything on the lips. Of course, this means that they will be quite drying so I suggest putting on a lip balm while doig your face makeup and blotting it before applying the lipstick- if you don’t blot it beforehand, the lipstick application might be stick or just not stick to your lips if that makes sense.

Matte Me in Birthday Suit, next to Flushed, both blended and built up

Matte Me in Birthday Suit, next to Flushed, both blended and built up

Below you can see the swatches for the lipstick after it dried out. I know it might look VERY pink here, but on my lips it pulls very, very light. Also next to it, you can see Flushed very feathered and blended, as well as an intentionally built up swatch to get an idea of the pigmentation and the color.

Eye and Cheek Palette in Midsummer’s Dream


Last but not least, my free gift! This is an eye and cheek palette as the name suggest and it has four eyeshadows and what I imagine they think is a blush and a bronzer. However, I would use both face products more as a bronzer, Both of them are very warm toned so I think they would be quite good if you are tanned or in summer to give you that JLo glow, girl!


However, let’s talk about the quality. The face products are ooo…kay. As in, I like them for the price that I got them for, but would I buy them separately? No. Clear and loud. They are not pigmented enough, one of them is too shiny and they are both very orangey so I think they are more suited as eyeshadows. In terms of the eyeshadows, as you can see, the lighter colors are a tiny bit better than they whites and creams from the palette so that is a plus however again, did not really blow my mind. The darker colors are slightly better yet again I am not sure if I will see myself reaching for this palette anytime soon. But then again, maybe come summer, I will change my mind.

So that is it guys. These are my first products ever from Sleek. Have you tried any of their products or do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments section below!




New in: Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils

December 8, 2015

This year, I have fallen head over heels with gold, bronze, taupe and burgundy shade. I am all about dark or nude mauvy lips paired with intricate, both matte and metallic eye looks. Therefore, I am  continuously looking to add to my collection of deep colors. I already own the famous Milk Pencil from this range, which I love to use in particular under bright shadows to make the colors stand out even more, however I never tried any other colors from the range. Until now.

Jumbo Nyx Pencils Rust Iced Mocha French Fries

I have ordered three colors from Ebay, from Joy’s Cosmetics, here. She has a lot of great American products that you cannot get in the UK and A LOT of Nyx products at a very good price- and yes, I know that Boots has them online these days, but why would I pay almost double the price? I paid almost £10 for three Jumbo Pencils, a price that I am very happy with considering that I was not sure whether I would like them or not.

Jumbo Nyx Pencils Rust Iced Mocha French Fries
I chose to get Rust, Iced Mocha and French Fries. Rust is a beautiful dark burgundy with purple undertones, Iced Mocha is a frosty cool toned taupe brown and French Fries is a coppery bronze gold. Just looking at these three together makes me happy! In terms of the quality and the application, I haven’t had the chance to play with them as much I would love to, however I think they are great as a base for a darker look, especially a smokey eye or you can also use them as an eyeliner that you can smudge out to give you an ‘unfinished’ look, especially with French Fries.


They are very soft so definitely easy to apply however I am afraid that people with oily lids that normally have issues with creasing might not be able to enjoy these as much as someone with dry skin. Nonetheless I suggest that you try to set it with a translucent (either loose or pressed) powder and definitely use an eyelid primer before: you can actually check here for my drugstore suggestions.


The only negative thing that I have to say about these pencils at this point is what you might notice in the photo above: sometimes when you try to create a flawless look with them, they might be patchy, so when you try to go over a spot, it will pick up the product that is already there so you might end up with some holes on your lid. However, as I said before, these are mostly helpful when smudging them, so this shouldn’t really matter right?

All in all, I am looking forward to working on some smokey looks with these beautiful fall appropriate colors and update you on how I feel about them.


Have you tried any of the Nyx Jumbo pencils and if so, how do you incorporate them in your makeup routine? Let me know in the comment section below :)