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Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Review and Swatches

November 25, 2015

Finally, I got it- you can get it here also!!

I have heard so much about the Zoeva brushes- in particular I remember at some point last year, girls were going crazy over the rose gold edition. They are all AMAZING and a lot more affordable than the likes of Mac or other comparable brushes. Anyway, the point that I was trying to get to is that until recently I had no idea that Zoeva also had its own makeup. I read a lot of reviews about several things and this palette kept popping up! At the same time it seemed to be sold out everywhere but finally Beauty Bay brought it back so here I am – it was probably one of my most exciting buys this year.

Cocoa Blend Palette Zoeva

Price and packaging: The price for the palette is £15.50 and you can get free 2 days delivery if you spend over £20. I ordered in on a Thursday and I expected it to come on Monday, but I was suprised when it actually got there 2 days before, on Saturday. It comes in a cardboard case with the same kind of art deco inspired print, and inside, the shadows are protected with a plastic film. First impression when opening it: wow!  The package is really beautiful, even though it doesn’t have a mirror- real bummer, right? On the back you can read the ingredients and also one of the best parts about these is that they are paraben, mineral oils, fragrance and phthalates free- quite a mouthful there!

First impressions: I had read and watched so many reviews for this, so usually at this point, when I actually get it in my hand, I am kind of like… hmm.. not too excited. Not with this one though! The colours look just as vibrant as you would imagine them! Also because it doesn’t have a mirror or space to put a brush in, the palette is very lightweight so perfect for your travel kit!

Cocoa Blend Palette Zoeva

Cocoa Blend Palette Zoeva


Colors: You get 10 1.5gr shadows with different finishes. You get a pure matte, which is a beigy white, as well as two other almost matte shadow- what I mean when I say that it’s that on the eyelid it will mostly look matte but when looking at it might have some shimmer through it. The rest of the colors have a beautiful either satin or metallic finish- the type of colors that you can usually wear on a day to day basis at work, as well as updating your look for an evening look.

My favorite colors of the bunch will have to be Warm Note, a metallic cranberry pink, Subtitute for love, which is a great blending color nd Freshly Toasted, a muted reddish brown which is my obsession these days in terms of my outer corner and crease. I would not say that these are necessarily incredibly unique colors- you can find most of these as individuals from different palettes or single compacts but in my opinion it’s just nice to get a palette that is not only either super neutral or super crazy rainbow and this is perfect for the season.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette swatches

Pigmentation and application: As you expected by now, the colors are super pigmented-my swatches are only one swipe by the way. As I mentioned previously, I had a bit of fallout from one or two colours (the ore metallic ones), however the application has been flawless and the wear time is of 10h, which I think is pretty decent for a £15 palette.

Cocoa Blend Palette Zoeva

Overall conclusion: Cocoa Blend is a great palette at a very good price, which I strongly recommend to anyone with a preference for warm toned, reddish browns-this would look great in particular on brown eyes! I am most definitely planning to purchase more Zoeva makeup items- who knows, maybe another palette?


Have you tried any Zoeva makeup before and if so, what would you recommend?




Nude Palettes Review

November 18, 2015

Naked 2 palette, collection eyes uncovered, sephora nude palette unrise to sunset bronze, la palette nude l'oreal rose plum, naked 2 urban decay

I cannot be the only girl who has more than one nude palette and whenever a new one comes out, you’re like ‘I neeeeeed thaaat’ like you’ve never seen a brown or champagne eye shadow before.

I thought I would talk about the palettes that I currently own and tell you how I feel about them.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (£38)

Of course that I HAD to have one of these. I’ve had it for about a year now and to be completely honest, I reach out for it the most out of all my palettes. As you can see in one of the photos below, the first three colors have been my favorite ones and my most used- I use half baked (holy grail gold!) and Foxy  all over the lid and Booty call for under my brow and in the inner corner. This, with a liquid eyeliner, has been my go to look for years. In terms of the shadows’ quality, they have very little to no fallout and don’t crease for at least 8-10 h if you use a primer ( I personally use the Milani eyshadow primer which I ADORE). This overall is a good warm toned nude palette, which is a staple in many bloggers’ and MUA’s cases.


L’oreal La Palette Nude Palette Rose (£14.99)

First of all, this has such a long name! L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow Palette Rose- try saying that quickly! This has been my first dibble into matte eye shadows, as I one day found this on an offer for £10 and I was like ‘why not?’. The palette has 10 eye shadows, with 6 shimmery ones and 4 matte ones., which are a creamy beige which can be used all over the lid, a warm darker beige, a taupe and a mauvy sort of dark brown. The other colors come in a range from champagne to dark purple. The pigmentation of these will not wow you, but if you use it over a white base (such as Nyx’s Milk Jumbo Pencil or their white base) you can create a bolder look. Overall this is an okay palette which I would recommend to someone who is on a budget and wants a bit of a variation from the usual nudes, as it has more purply shades in.

Sephora Colorful 5 Eyeshadow Palette ($25 aka £16.50)

This is Sephora’s own Palette in the color Sunrise to Sunset Bronze. I picked this one up in an emergency situation- when I went home to Romania in summer, I did not have any palettes with me and had an event to attend, so I wanted to create a bronzey smokey eye. I ran to Sephora (wish I could do that here in the UK also) and this caught my eye as a good contender and for a pretty good price- I cannot remember how much but I am sure that I did not pay over £10 for it. This palette has four shimmery shadows and a dark matte brown. The payoff is pretty good in terms of pigmentation but again, it looks a lot better with a white base. One thing that I do love about this palette though is the matte color which can also double as an eyeliner or can be used to fill in your eyebrows (if you’re a brunette of course). Also I find myself using the middle color- the gold (they do not have individual names unfortunately) quite a bit even when I am using other palettes.

Naked 2 palette, collection eyes uncovered, sephora nude palette unrise to sunset bronze, la palette nude l'oreal rose plum, naked 2 urban decay

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette (£3.99)

Yes, you read that right. £3.99! This is one of the many great releases that Collection (previously known as Collection 2000)  brought us this fall. The packaging is pretty flimsy, as it’s made of cardboard however at the same time that makes it very easy to carry  as it’s incredible lightweight. It comes with 5 shimmery colors, again ranging from a light champagne to more cool toned light browns and a matte color, the dark brown, so pretty similar to the Sephone one- besides it being 4 times cheaper! One of the things that I do appreciate is the fact that on the back of the case they give you the the names for the shadows, which are : White Chocolate, Buttercream, Biscuit, Chocolate Milk, Brown Sugar and Espresso. They sound delicious, don’t they? I very strongly recommend this palette as it’s great value as well as a versatile nude palette, with a mix of warm and cool tones, which is very difficult to find in a small palette: they usually go one way or the other. Also they have this in Nude Bronze and Nude Grey, which, as the names suggest, have a warm and a cool tone respectively.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my current nude palettes and let me know what is the nude palette staple in your beauty drawer!