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Makeup Revolution Redemption Day to Night Palette- Review and Swatches

February 1, 2016

makeup revolution redemption palette day to night review
This week, as part of our Twitter collaboration us girls (go check out Christina here)  decided to talk about Makeup Revolution. I chose to try one of their eye palettes as I’ve never had a chance to experience before. They have quite a large range, however I wanted to stay on the basic one line, so I can see if they’re actually worth the praise around the internet. Therefore, I went to a local Superdrug and picked up the ‘Redemption Essentials Day to Night’ palette.

This palette is described as a “Day to Night Redemption Palette Essential’, which will help you make your eyes look dramatic and even more beautiful. Non-greasy and long-lasting, this eye shadow palette will become your instant favourite.”

makeup revolution redemption palette day to night review

The packaging is a black plastic, thin container, which in all fairness, looks and feels pretty cheap. On the display I tried very hard to find one that was not scratched and find only one that hard sort of only a minor scratch, so for all the packaging fanatics out there, this might not be a good option for you. The palette closes with a clicking sound, which makes it feel secure and comes with 14 grams of products in total. Also it comes with a double ended sponge applicator which to be honest, is pretty useless most of the times, however I find it good in terms of swatching on my arm as well as packing colour on the lid in the moments when I don’t have any other tools available.

makeup revolution redemption palette day to night review

In terms of ingredients, this contains talc as its second ingredient as well as parabens so for those with sensitive skin, it could cause a breakout – I personally found them absolutely fine but it’s good to put it out there.

makeup revolution redemption palette day to night review ingredients

Inside the palette, the shadows are split between two different sort of themes, day and night. For the day side we have:

makeup revolution redemption palette day to night review  swatches

White: Can be used as a base colour or brow highlighter.
Cream: Has little amount of shimmer. More like pearl finish.
Peach: A neutral matte shade.
Shimmery Peach: Shimmer shade for those casual fridays!
Gold: A perfect shade for a nice pop of colour on the center of the lid
Metallic Light Brown: Pearl finish shade.

On the night side we have:

makeup revolution redemption palette day to night review  swatches

Metallic Dark Brown: Pearl finish Shade.
Violet: Matte shade.
Black: Shimmery shade.
Grey: Shimmery shade.
Dark Blue: Shimmery shade- also very disappointing in comparison with the way it looks in the pan
Sky Blue: Aqua shimmery shade

All the swatches are applied without a primer underneath and have been worked up with maybe two or even three layers. The metallic shadows had the most adherence to the skin however they were also incredibly powdery and even tended to crumble on my finer. The sort of satin finish light colours also needed a lot of building up and I think some skintones might struggle in terms of actually showing up on the skin as they are not incredibly pigmented.


The best colour in the palette has to be the last one, the aqua which, even if powdery, had great colour pay off and was easy to work it. Funny enough, the worst one in my eyes ( no pun intended ha!)  was the oe next to it, which int he pan seems to be a midnight dark blue with shimmers that runs through it, but instead comes off a lot lighter than expected and stains the skin very badly, so I would stay away from that one unless you want permanently blue lids.


Overall, I think this is an okay palette. I don’t think that I will be reaching out for it too often, as I have other options that it’s a lot easier to work with in terms of pigmentation but I think it’s a good option for a beginner, as it comes at a great price of £4.


You can find it in Superdrug in store, or online here or here.


Let me know if you’ve tried any othe Makeup Revolution palettes and what your thoughts are or which one would you recommend- I would love to hear your thoughts below. I am thinking of trying the Chocolate Bar dupe next!

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Lots of love,



Makeup Revolution Highlighter – Nars Dupe?

January 8, 2016


Until maybe 6 months ago or so, I had never owned or tried on a highlighter and now I own more than 5 which is quite a lot for someone who loves a flawless, matte look. One of the first drugstore brands that I heard a lot about is the ever affordable Makeup Revolution and their highlighter in Golden Lights.

First of all, this has an insanely affordable price tag of £3 and has 7.5 gr of products, compared to say, Nars which only has 4g for £20 more. The case is a sturdy-ish plastic case with a transparent lid so you can see the product, which is quite nice. Inside, the product has a swirly pattern to it which makes me think of waves (damn I miss summer!), which make it look quite pretty and at the same time makes you not want to use it at all.


If you look at it just in the pan, you might think that this is a stark white, chalky product, however you’d be surprised that it’s an opal-gold highlighter with tiny golden shimmers. This is the type of colour that would work on fair girls as long as it’s applied lightly, as well as on medium to tan skin tones, with the golden particles giving a very summery, healthy, glowy look to the cheeks. as well as lightly added with what’s remaining on the brush on the cupid bow and tip of the nose.

A little goes a long way and I suggest you use a light hand unless you want like a disco ball (literally). In terms of the actual quality, it would be difficult to compare it to high end counterparts, as it’s a lots less finely milled, however for the price difference, it’s a great everyday product that makes you look like you’re glowing from within.


Unfortunately I do not currently own Albatros from Nars as I could not bring myself to spend £23 on that highlighter (I prefer slightly more muted highlighters) however one of my very good friends is simply obsessed with it and I have had the chance to play with it and it gives exactly the same sort of look from afar, however if you look closely, the MUR will slightly emphasize the pores if not applied correctly and could look a bit over the top.


Overall, I think this is a great drugstore/high street highlight that I would recommend to anyone trying to get into the highlight trend and doesn’t want to spend a small fortune. Also Make up Revolution has this highlighter in two other shades,a more pink version as well as a peach, more toned down version. You can find these in Superdrug, both online and in store, as well as on the Makeup Revolution website.


I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you’ve tried any of the MUR highlighters and if they compared to any high end ones in your opinion. I look forward to your replies in the comments below.


Lots of love,