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January Empties

January 15, 2016


I have been meaning to write this post for a while as I’ve been holding on to these empties but here it is- my first empties post!


As you can probably see, there is not much make up in there as I don’t go through them as quickly compared to other items- besides mascara, obviously, which, remember, has to be binned after 3 months (!) Anyhow let’s get into it and I’ll also let you know if I’m planning to repurchase them.


La Roche Posay Effaclar Clarifying Lotion- find here

This is probably my third bottle and is definitely one of my favorite toners. Both my husband and I use it and we have very different skin- he has oily, blemish prone skin, while my skin is dry to normal with occasional breakouts. This, I think, shows that this toner is great for every skin type and really makes you feel properly cleansed and ready for your moisturizer. Definitely a repurchase!


L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara- find here

Over time I have tried quite few mascaras from L’Oreal and most of the time I am quite happy with the results, however I have to say that this was just meh. It was okay, it did not smudge on me and the application was easy however I felt like the wand was very spiky and quite few times I actually managed to get in my eye, which is very unusual for me, that never happens! Also I feel as if it dried out very quickly which added to the already mentioned dryness of it. Will not be repurchasing


L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream- find full size here

This is a sample that I got at some point around October and as it was a decently sized pot, I was able to use it quite a lot and test it out properly. The cream claims to make your skin ‘ luminous and rested, with an immediate radiance boost. The skin feels smooth, soft and velvety. Pores, fine lines and imperfections look reduced. Your skin glows with a fresh and natural beauty.’ God, I love descriptions, they make them sound so magical, right? I wouldn’t go as far as saying that my face was glowing, however the cream felt very nicely and I think it helped my skin transition into winter without any crazy dryness or breakout so that is always an extra point from me. Also I tried the serum that comes with it in the shop as well as they seemed to be pairing very well together (at least my hand thought so) so I might be repurchasing a full size of this one together with the serum.


Morrocan Oil Treatment (travel version) – find here

Everyone and their mother talks about how amazing this treatment is for your hair and how shiny and glossy and hydrated it makes them feel. I gave in and bought the small version of this as I like to test things out before splurging £30+ which also lasted me forever, considering I wash my hair every 3-4 days and have used it every single time. I did notice that if helped my hair detangle a lot more and the ends were not as dry, which indeed made blow drying it a lot easier. However, as the same time, I have some Argan Oil from when I went to Morroco which also does a great job, so at the moment I am on the fence on whether I would repurchase it as I think it’s quite a pricey product that could be replaced with a pure oil.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- find here

I know that this one is not a new product and has definitely been spoken about for a million times however: HOW AMAZING IS THIS? For a product that costs under £5, this concealer has probably the best formula for even the most stubborn dark circles. Some people may complain that it’s not as thin of a formula compared to other but at the same time, it might have double or triple the coverage. This has already been repurchased before it was even finished and I have quite few of them lying around and will probably continue to buy them, because I am mad about them.


Soap&Glory Vitamin C Face Wash- find here

Out of all these empties, this one took the absolute longest to finish! I think I’ve had this for over a year or closer to 18 months and by the end of it, I just really wanted to finish it, as it’s such a big bottle! Standard face washes come in 150 ml bottles and they still last quite a long time, while this jumbo one is a 350ml bottle so just imagine! Anyway, this face wash is a really good basic daily face wash which also has some small beads in it, which makes it more of a scrub/wash 2 in 1. When I first started using it, I really loved it and I still think it’s a good face wash for all skin types, however over the last year my taste in skincare has changed quite a bit so I probably will not be repurchasing this one. Also, even if I do, it will definitely be a small one!


Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover- find here

This one is a little travel size that I bought back home in Romania as I finished the one that I had with me. It’s a dual phase remover, which means that you shake it before using it and is has quite an oily consistency which removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and crazy color eye shadows. I will most definitely repurchase this one as soon as I have the chance to!


La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes- find here

Last but not least, another product from La Roche Posay. I am generally a big fan of French pharmacy brands so I am constantly trying new products from LRP, Vichy, Bioderma etc. Also, I am constantly looking for my holy grail eye cream, as I have crazy dark circles and I am still hoping that some cream will make a difference- spoiler alter: nothing has so far. This one is okay, maybe a bit too gel-like for my liking as I prefer more moisturizing thick or serum like cream. I think also that this is more suited as a morning eye cream rather than evening as it’s so light and absorbs very quickly so it won’t intervene with any make up. I probably won’t be repurchasing  this one and as continuing the search!


What are your latest empties and what would you repurchase or recommend in general from the things that you recently emptied?





Drugstore haul

November 11, 2015

Hey guys! Today I thought I would talk you about my latest haul, which involved mostly Boots and Superdrug. These are mostly new products (for me) with one or two repurchases.


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation £9.99

This is one that has been on my list for a while and always seems to appear on everyone’s list in terms of the best drugstore foundations. So far it seems to a light to medium coverage and has a slightly dewy, sort of natural glow finish, which is quite strange for me, as I have always been a big fan of matte finishes. In terms of it lasting 16h, I would say more like 8-10h, which is still really good- who wears a foundation for 16h?

LA Girl Pro Conceal in Orange £3.90

This one has been a buy from Ebay, which I very often use for my love of American beauty products currently unavailable in the UK. Postage was quite quick, I think aroun 8-10 days and the products is FANTASTIC. The coverage is really full and definitely cancels the blue tones of my dark circles. I use this under my foundation and makes a hell of a difference and makes me look as if I slept few extra hours. Definitely recommend it for anyone with dark circles who needs a bit of extra coverage power!

Maybelline Fit me Concealer £5.99

In terms of drugstore concealers, I have tried few, however most of them either have a very thick, cakey effect and settles into all the little lines, or quite the opposite, does not really do much. This concealer, which has been highly recommended by Emily Fox, one of my favorite youtubers, is none of the above and has a great texture and consistency. It’s quite opaque and has a nice matte finish, however does not dry the skin around the eye. That’s a keeper for sure.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19

This is a repurchase and my absolute holy grail concealer. In summer, I use the colour 4 (Dark), which now obviously is very dark so I went and got colour 3, Warm Medium, which is my perfect autumn colour. The concealer has a creamy, almost liquid like texture and is very thick, which is why people who like light coverage might not enjoy the way this feels. However, again, like the Fit Me, for someone who has quite dark circles, this works a miracle!

Maybelline Master Precise Eye Liner £5.99

Until recently, Maybelline has not been a brand that I necessarily trusted, however since their matte lipsticks came out, I have been experimenting more and more and so far have not had any major disappointments. Master Precise is an actual winner, living up to brands that cost more than double in terms of lasting power. My favourite part about this eye liner though is the fact that it comes out matte black and does not give you that weird shiny look.


Make up Revolution Iconic Lipstick £2.49

I do not own anything from Make Up Revolution, as I always sort of pass them thinking that might not be that good compared to other products that are just slighly more expensive, however Superdrug has this new collection with very sleek packaging, black and rose gold, very much reminding me of Mac. I spotted the lipsticks first (obviously) and they were all intact, besides this shade, which is called Looking Ahead- there was only this one left so I had a FOMO sort of moment (for people who have lived under an internet rock for a while, that is fear of missing out). so grabbed and ran with it. Unfortunately the product goes quite sheer, but it is a beautiful sheer nude pinkish colour, which does not do much for me. I will probably give this to my mom or some of my colour-shy girlfriends.

Nyx Studio Finishing Powder £8.00

Now we start the Nyx madness! Finally I got my hands on some of their products. I previously had some other lipsticks and own few products from Germany (they sell them in store in the Douglas- sort of like Boots, which you can find EVERYWHERE literally). Anywaaaaay, going back to the powder, a real winner, just as I remembered it. It’s very good especially for setting under eye concealer with a small buffing brush, as well as a large powder brush for a veil of mate-ness (pretty sure this is not a word but it should be!).

Nyx Slide on Eye Pencil £5.00

I love, love, love this pencil! This is pretty much all I have to say. For a very long time, I have only used liquid eyeliner on my upper lash, as it is the only thing that does not smudge and make me look like an absolute mess after only an hour. All this until Nyx came alonge and swept me off my feet with this beautiful, creamy and BLACK eyeliner which I can use both on my upper and lower lashes. Unfortunately somehow this doesn’t do much for my waterline, but that really doesn’t bother me, as it’s not a look that I normally would go for. Have I also mentioned that it is a pefect dupe for Urban Decay’s  Glide on Pencils? I will definitely try and get my hands on as many colours as many as possible, as these might be my favorite eye liners ever!

nyx lip cream cannes amsterdam

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream £5.50

Last but definitely not least, I finally got a hold of two of the long coveted, much talked and written about Lip Creams! I got mine and in Cannes, which is a beautiful mauvy nude and Amsterdam, which is neutral toned red. Opinions so far? They both have a moussey sort of feeling when applying them, which makes them glide over the lips. Just to give you an idea, they come with a pointed brush applicator and you do not need to dip it in a second time in order to apply it everywhere so these will last quite a while! They last well on the lips, as long as you do not eat, so I would say maybe 3-4 hours at most, maybe something that you would wear for a shoot or just an event with no food. Personally for me Cannes seems a bit more transferable, as, midway through my Starbucks, I realised that most of it was gone. However, even though they don’t have the best longevity, they are soft and creamy and have a semi-matte finish, so I will definitely reach out for these very often and replenish with as many shades as I can get my paws on!

What are your newest products and what drugstore brands or products would you recommend this season?