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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatch and Review

January 27, 2016

colourpop ultra matte lipsticks liquid

Today I wanted to chat about one of the most talked about brands within the beauty community- Colourpop. I  made an order from their website (which is unfortunately the only way to get it here in the UK- even though this might change very soon, as a UK company might start to sell them online- will make an update once I have more info).  I’ve ordered more than just this however today I was really keen on reviewing their most popular products, which are their Ultra Matte Lip colours.

From left to right in indirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper ultra matte lip review

Product overview

If you are even slightly into makeup, you will know that liquid lipsticks are all the trend and each and every company has released their own version. While most range on average around the $15-$20 dollars mark, these come in at a very affordable price tag of $6, which is basically just over £4. The other thing to mention about their range is that it’s all made in the USA, which in my eyes is a very good reason to try them out, as well as being cruelty free. They have a crazy range of colours for all of their products, however the lip colours stood out the most to me, with 43 colours to choose from in their Matte Lip range.

colourpop ultra matte

First of all, let’s talk about packaging. These come in a long and clear plastic tube with a silver cap. The packaging feels quite sturdy which is nice for such a low price, with my only complaint being about the writing on the packaging itself. The silver, sort of holographic looks really pretty, however it rubs off very quickly. As you might be able to spot in one of the photos, I have used Bumble for maybe 5-7 maximum and the writing is almost gone. On the bright side though, the label on the bottom with the name of the shade is a sticker so that should not be a problem.


Application and Removal

The consistency of these liquid lipsticks is very thin compared to a fairly similarly priced competitor, the Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream, which have a very moussey and thick consistency. All the colours are very opaque and you do not need to go over it several times to get a perfect application, quite the contrary. I find that a thinner layer ends up looking most true to colour and also helps it stay on a lot longer.

In terms of the actual application, I recommend using a lip liner (which I think is a must for any liquid lipstick, as they are very unforgiving and can easily look uneven) over which you can put a very thin layer. Personally I remove some of the product off the doe-foot applicator back in the glass so I have a lot more precision with a bit of product if that makes sense. Talking about the applicator, as you can see, it has a standard doe foot, which makes it nice and easy to apply, however it is not the best one on the market.

From left to right in indirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper ultra matte lip review Also another thing which is sort of a must with any liquid lipstick and in particular with this one is having prepped lips. Using a lip balm while doing the rest of your makeup and blotting it before applying the lipstick is a good ideas, as well as exfoliating the night before and applying lip balm or a lip mask before bed makes all the difference.

These last on me around 4-6 hours with very minimal transfer (mostly in the inner part of the lips if I drink something hot or eat something) however that is expected with any lip product in my opinion. They are slightly drying (anyone who tells you otherwise must be lying) but then again all liquid lipsticks are. For a comfortable option, you should look at satin finish lipsticks or bullet form matte lipsticks. Reapplications can be made, however again, like I mentioned before, make sure you do a very thin layer, because if you just take the applicator and rub that all over the lips, instead of drying it will start cracking which, let’s admit, is never attractive, especially when you’re not at home and cannot remove it properly.

I like to remove these by applying a bit of cleansing oil over my lips and rubbing it for few seconds, after which I remove it with a pad (make sure to not make too many swift motions, as it might get all over your face). After I go in with a normal makeup remover, which seems to finish up the job just right.


Colours and swatches 

I have bought 8 colours:

Solow is described as a “pale pastel baby pink.” It’s a lightly brightened, light-medium pink with neutral-to-warm undertones.

Bumble is described as a “dusty warm terracotta.” It’s a muted, medium rosy pink with warm undertones and a matte finish.

Tulle is described as a “dusty mauve burgundy.” It’s a medium-dark, neutral-to-warm plum-red with a matte finish.

Bad habit  is described as a “dusty mauve pink.” It’s a muted, medium-dark pinky plum with cool undertones and a semi-matte finish (this was the only one that still had a bit of a sheen even when completely dried down)

Creeper is described as a “true classic blue red.” It’s a brightened, medium-dark red with cool, blue undertones and a smooth, matte finish.

Avenue is described as a “deep yellow red.” It’s a slightly muted, medium-dark burgundy red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish.

Lax  is described as a “vampy blackened red.” It’s a very, very dark burgundy with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish.

Zipper is described as a “deep blackened purple.” It’s a dark, eggplant purple with slightly warmer, pink tones and a matte finish.

colourpop ultra matte swatch and review From left to right in direct sunlight swatch: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper

From left to right in direct sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper

As you can probably see, the darker colours are the ones that have a tendency to be slightly patchy and apply uneven. My biggest disappointment was LAX, as it’s a such a beautiful vampy colours, yet it seems to be one of the easiest one to crack and smudge.

The other thing that I wanted to mention about the colours is that they tend to look a bit darker on the lips than on the tube and sometimes even on the hand. I am not sure exactly why that is, but I know for a fact that I am not the only one that noticed that.

From left to right in in ndirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper swatch and review colourpop ultra matte

From left to right in in indirect sunlight: Solow, Bumble, Tulle, Bad Habit, Creeper, Avenue, Lax, Zipper


Overall conclusion

I really like these and I think that for such a low price they’re worth trying out! I have a couple more coming in the post soon hopefully so I will update you with those also when I get them. Also I have to say that out of all of them, my favourite colours must be Bumble, Avenue and Bad Habit :)

Have you tried any of these before and what are your thoughts? If not, which shade would you like to try?

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