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On my reading list- library edition

November 20, 2015

As the end of the year approaches, I realized that I have really not read much, besides the bestsellers such as Gone Girl on Girl on the Train. So I have set myself a goal to finish two book within the next… month and a half really.

After finding out where the closest Superdrug/Boots is, one of the first things that I’ve done was getting a library card. I have always loved library and the idea of being able to get almost an unlimited number of books and then return them for them to be loved time after time- such a romantic idea, right? At least for me it is.

Reading List November 2015

So I went there and browsed through the fiction section and came up with four options. So if you’re looking for some nice books to read, you might get some inspiration down here:

Where’d you go Bernadette by Maria Semple

I have to admit in saying that first of all I loved the cover of this book! It’s bright, bold and simply appealing. Then, when reading a bit about the book, I could see that it’s a satire and it’s basically the story of a mother- an emotional story but told in a funny way, which is exactly what I need. Also I love strong lead female characters and it seems like Bernadette will be exactly that :) Another thing to mention is that it was shortlisted for Women’s Prize for Fiction for 2013 so another point there.  Can’t wait to get started on this one!


Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

I am not even sure what to add to this one that hasn’t already been said. This is one of those classic books that most English (and American) people had to read at school, however, in Romania, we’re more about the Latin, French writers etc so yeah, did not read this. I have this thing where I kind of feel embarrassed for not reading it yet, so I really need to get on to that ASAP. Will let you know how it goes- might write a review after.

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Again, this is a book that is now 14 years old, which is crazy! I feel like I’ve read quite a lot about Zadie Smith in the last sort of 5 years or so, so I am not sure if she simply became famous only fairly recently or what. Anyway this is described as a ‘funny, generous, big-hearted novel, adored by critics and readers alike. Dealing – among many other things – with friendship, love, war, three cultures and three families over three generations, one brown mouse, and the tricky way the past has of coming back and biting you on the ankle, it is a life-affirming, riotous must-read of a book.’ So yaaay for what seems to be a great book!


The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsione

This is part one out of a two part series which just seems super cute and an easy read that you can curl up with, with a nice cup of tea. In the description it says ‘an international sensation, this hilarious, feel-good novel is narrated by an oddly charming and socially challenged genetics professor on an unusual quest: to find out if he is capable of true love.’ I am already like awwww. I actually also got the second part of this series, however I am not sure so sure if I’ll have time to read both. But I know for a fact that I am super enthusiastic about getting started with it!

So these are the books that I am currently planning to read. What books have you been reading lately what you would recommend or have you read any of the above? Let me know in the comments :)



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Christmas Gift Guide- for her

November 16, 2015

This year, more than ever, I have caught the Christmas bug waaaaay too early. Here I am mid November already worrying that all the products that I want for CHRISTMAS (which is more than a month away) will soon be out of stock. This is why I thought I would share what I think are the best gifts out there so far (and I am going slightly mad here, so there might actually be a part two to this post later on in December). So let’s get straight into it!

Nars ‘Magnificent Obsession’ Lip Set and  Nars ‘A Woman’s Face’ Nude Lip Set (£29 each)

Nars Nude and Red Lip Gift Sets, Magnificent Obessesion, A women's face nude

Starting with probably on the best value sets here, you can find a nude option and a red option of these beautiful lip products. In the set, you get a full sized lipstick (both are more on the creamy side rather than matte) as well as a mini lip liner to match it and a mini lip pencil- they’re supposed to be amazing, so what better time to try these out?


 Charlotte Tilbury’s The Gift of Goddess Skin Travel Kit (£39)

Charlotte tilbury gift set magic balm wonder, Travel GODDESS SKIN CLAY MASK Tube, 15ml Travel MAGIC CREAM Pot, 15ml Travel WONDERGLOW Tube, 15ml , review, swatch

Charlotte Tilbury is by far one of my favorite brands that I am absolutely DYING to try! From the moment when you lay eyes on her products, the packaging is so beautiful, I love all the names of her products (Bitch Perfect Anyone?) and obviously, everyone is raving about them. Besides the obvious choice (hello matte lipsticks and beautiful eye pencils!) there is the skincare. I was looking up her magic cream and I would love to buy it, but it’s £70! And the same for the rest of her line. With this kit, you can try three of her most famoust products for nearly half the price of a single one. They each come in 15ml versions, so it gives you a good use before you can then decide if you are ready to make the investment and buy any of these at full retail price.

P.S. There is also a £59 version, which has three extra products, so six in total, all depending on your budget.

Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Trio (£18)

Stila liquid lipstick trio Christmas gift guide

You probably can see that I am loving all the sample size/travel size options this year. Stila is one of those companies which sometimes can be a hit or miss (love the eyeliner, dislike the palettes) so with this little trio, you can try three great shades before paying £16 for a full size one. Also, in my opinion, one rarely finishes a lipstick, so you can use three colours instead of one. sign me up!

Benefit Tan about Town (£9.95)

I am not necessarily the biggest fan of Benefit, however some of their products are really OUT THERE. One of them is the Hoola Bronzer, so I would recommend this to people who want to try the bronze-y look at a really good price. You also get a Bad gal mascara, as well as ‘Some kind-a of gorgeous’ which is described as the  no.1 selling Liquid Compact product in the UK. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I think could be a good product for traveling, when you only want to take a small makeup bag with you.

Soap and Glory Belle of the Ball (£12)

Soap and Glory Belle of the Ball

How cute is this ?! For me it wouldn’t be a real Christmas without some Soap and Glory beautiful gifts. They have a lot of great options this year, as usual, however this one stands out because of the packaging as well as getting four products plus a little sponge: a body butter, hand cream, bubble bath and a ‘breakfast scrub’. Yum!

Origins ‘Let us Glow’ Gift Set (£27)

Origins Giftset

This is definitely one of the most exciting skincare gifts (for me at least) out there! The likes of Fleur de Force are big fans of Origins and this set is really good value. You get a full size face cream, as well as a travel eye cream, serum and a scrub cleanser. And all this comes in a simple, nice bag. Perfection!

Nuxe Christmas Cracker (£10)


NUXE_Christmas_CrackerThis is the kind of cracker that I would not mind on my Christmas table any day. For only £10, you get to try some great products from Nuxe, an amazing French brand with lots of natural products, very suitable for people with dry skin. An absolute bargain! :)

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonder Gift Set (£18, now only £14.40 at Debenhams)

OLe Henriksen 3 mini wonders cleanse set

This is another great skincare set, which allows you to try four different products and decide how you feel about these Scandinavian wonders. The reviews on them are great so I would love to try these out. I had a tiny sample of the serum previously and I remember loving it, so for under £15,  I might pick this one up and give it a try :)

Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set (£17)

Japonesque Touch Up Set BEautybay

For something a bit  different, you might like this Japonesque tube which comes with 5 brushes, a multitask powder brush (which seems pretty small though) as well as four eye brushes, so all in all very handy as they are super lightweight and you can carry them either in your bag for… well, a touch up or as a travel set so you don’t carry (or God forbid lose) your nice expensive brushes. Also they come in this fun leopard print as well as a black, more sleek version. Personally, I prefer the more colorful version, as it helps me differentiate all of them from the others :)

Yanke Candle Simple Home in Cherry Vanilla (£13)

Yankee Candle Simply Home

Not much can really be said about this besides the fact that it is another fall/Christmas staple in any house. This Simply Home range is slightly more affordable at only £13 for a large jar but still delivers about 70h on beautiful, non sickening smell :)


I hope you enjoyed my list and let me know what are the Christmas gifts that you’re looking forward to!




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Magazine Freebies

November 4, 2015

If you guys are anything like me, something free, no matter how small or large, can really make your day.

This month, the December issues of most magazines come with a nice little (or bigger) freebie. When scrolling through my local supermarket, I came across through what I thought was the best ones and I decided to share them here. Without further ado:


BOOM! 4 products scored.


The first one, which actually happens to be the most expensive out of all of them, comes with Harper’s Bazaar and is a 7ml Bottle of Estee Lauder’s much coveted Advanced Night Repair Serum. As the 30 ml full version costs £50, you can do the math and figure out that this little fella is worth over £10. This is a product that I have been meaning to use for a long time but I could not get myself to buy such a pricey product without trying it out first. So here is my lucky day. Also I got a back-up in case I run out and decide that it’s my next holy grail serum. I will let you know how that goes.


After that, with Marie Claire, you can find 4 versions of the L’Occitaine hand cream, with a FULL SIZE 30 ml. I chose the Vanilla Bouquet with 20% Shea Butter but all options are irresistible and smell amazing. Could not get it for a better price, right?

Also, Claire Danes is on the cover of the magazine, so for any Homeland fans out there, double the gift :)


The last magazine that I would like to talk about is Glamour, which is offering 4 different Clinique products. AS you can see above, I have chosen to buy two magazines and I went for the Colour pop lipstick in Cherry Pop- there is also a Nude Pop version, but it’s a very beige-y colour and not something that I could wear- my lips are too pigmented!

Also here is a (very crappy) swatch of the lipstick, which is an intense semi-matte pinkish red.


The other product that I chose was the High Impact Mascara in black- not sure if they are also offering the brown version- I have not tried this one yet but I have had one of their mascaras before and they were OKAY- nothing that blew my mind, but good in combination with another mascara.

The other product that they have on offer is the Dramatically Different Lotion, which I know that a lot of people are happy with, however I had it previously and it doesn’t do much for me, plus I prefer a thicker  cream to make my skin feel properly moisturized.


Last but not least I am looking to get Instyle which have this little baby here- I heard very good things about Ren so I look forward to trying them out! Also they offer a 20% off discount for Ren products so this could get interesting.


What magazines are you planning to buy this month and are there any freebies that you would recommend?