YouBeauty Discovery September box review

October 2, 2015

Hello beauty fans!

As I just started this blog, I was very keen on getting straight into what interests all of us: reviews, photos and opinions!

A few weeks back, after reading a gazillion reviews of all sorts of beauty boxes, I have decided to order the You Beauty Discovery box which is only £6.95 (including P&P) and works in the usual subscribing method, where you pay every 1st of the month, after which you choose two products, together with which they will send few more samples of things such as such as skincare, hair or other beauty accessories.

I would say that the box is a small to medium size, which arrived very quickly (within 3 days after ordering). Below you can find mini reviews of this months’ glorious products.




The first product that I chose is the soothing Urban Veda cream out of a selection of different Urban Veda ones, as my dry skin has been acting up a bit lately and I thought that a natural cream could be exactly what I need. I have only used it a couple of times so far on top of my Superfacialist serum ( full review coming up soon!) and while I have not been amazed, it leaves a nice comfortable sensation and I will continue to use it and see how it goes.


The other product that I chose is the new Body Shop Facial Oil which comes in a nice 7ml bottle with a dropper, which we all know is super convenient and helps not waste any product. With cold pressed seed oils and seven other essential oils, I feel that this is a great product in particular for your night routine, which will give you that ‘I woke up like this’ face with smooth skin and nice invisible pores.




With these two, also came a sample pack of chia seeds from Linwoods, which for me personally was a nice touch, as I am a big fan of their flaxseed range and use it almost every day. I  also received a 10 ml version of Exuviance Purifying Clay mask which again I have not had the chance to use yet but seems great and so far I have read great reviews about.

The other two items that came extra are a make up sponge, which I have to say that was the most disappointing of the pack, as it looks and feels cheap and is not something that I will necessarily make use of. Last but not least there is the ‘Love your Body Club’ voucher which gives you £10 off when you register and join the club online.




All in all, I think that for the price, receiving a full size product as well as few other interesting new try outs, I am hooked. Today I have chosen my products for October, which I look forward to using and reviewing here as soon as I receive them and get a chance to use them.



What are your favorite beauty boxes and what are your thoughts on the YouBeauty range this month?





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