November Pick: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick

December 1, 2015

I have decided that at the end of each month, I will talk about a highlight of the month or something that I have been very excited about so this is it: my first pick for the month for November.


Now, if you read any beauty blogs at all or watch ‘beauty gurus’ on youtube, you must have heard them mention Charlotte Tilbury at least once in the last few months and rave about her range. So, as I am super easily influenceable when it comes to luxurious golden package and matte lipsticks, I went ahead and got the ‘Matte Revolution luminous modern-matte long-lasting lipstick’. Quite a mouthful, huh?

Anyway, let’s get to it. The lipstick comes in a classic gold, heavy metallic case, very much similar to the feeling of YSL. From the moment when you have it in your hand, it gives you a luxurious feeling. In this range, they have 10 colors, each of them coordinated with matching eye products to create looks such as ‘The Dolce Vita, The Vintage Vamp or The Rebel. First of all, I love the fact that she came up with something a bit different and also this helps women who are starting up in makeup and don’t know what kind of eye shadows to wear with a dark lipstick and so on. Or in my case, it simply is more appealing to the eye when you are in store to identify yourself as ‘The Bombshell’ or ‘The Sophisticate’- I believe it appeals to the idea that makeup makes us feel like a different character and you can transform into anything you want. Anywaaaay, rambling over.



Going back to the lipstick, I went to Selfridges and had one of the makeup assistants try two colors on me. I was looking for an everyday dark nude, so I tried on Bond Girl (I almost bought this one because I loved the name) and Walk of shame. In the end, I chose the latter, as Bond Girl was a bit too close to my natural lip color. ‘Walk of Shame’ is described as ‘a beautiful, berry tinted rose for antique chic, perfect for Christina Hendricks and Margot Robbie.’ I am not sure if she was inspired by these celebrities when creating the colors or what, but I’ll be Margot Robbie any day.

Now, to the actual wearing experience: The first I tried it on, I have to say that I was pretty disappointed. I am used to quite heavy pigmented, bright colors and this one was not really it. I have to give them credit for the fact that it is very moisturizing for a matte lipstick, but it is not buildable and basically what you get in the first coat is all that you get. The second time when I tried it though, knowing what to expect+, it was a different story. Overall, it is a beautiful nude lipstick, a muted, medium-dark reddish-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It applies very smoothly and stays on for maybe five hour or so without reapplying. Also it does transfer when eating/drinking so you have to be careful with that.




Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase. I would not say this is my holy grail lipstick, but at the same time, I could see myself wearing this very often, so for me it’s a nice splurge that I had on my mind for a while and now I am just happy to have it as part of my collection of nudes, which I am still building up.

The last thing that I also wanted to mention is the shape of the bullet. As you can see below, it has an almost square bullet which is very much helps application even with the most stubborn or weirdly shaped cupid bows- I really like that detail and this is another reason why drugstore and high end products will always have their own categories in my heart.


CHarlotte Tilbury Walk of shame matte Liipstick


The lipstick retails for £23 and they are available in Selfridges in store, as well as online on the CT website Also, as of last Friday, the first standalone Charlotte Tilbury shop has opened in Covent Garden- make sure to go check it out!


Have you tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury products before and if so, what are your favorites or what would you love to try?




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  • Reply Megan December 1, 2015 at 11:02

    My favourite is the blush in Ecstasy, I bought this in a set with a lipstick- also one of my faves which is up on my blog! This is a lovely review and such a stunning lip colour!

    Megan X

    • Reply Claudia December 1, 2015 at 11:12

      I have been meaning to try their blushes also- I am just attracted to all of her products! xx

  • Reply Jasmine Eclipse December 1, 2015 at 22:54

    I love this color! Matte, mauvy/brown colors are my absolute favorite!

  • Reply Charlotte December 3, 2015 at 11:42

    The packaging is just wow you cannot compare it!
    Charlotte //

  • Reply Frances Bates December 5, 2015 at 12:57

    Lovely post! The images are stunning, I’ll definitely be putting this lippy on my Christmas wishlist!

    Love & Hugs
    Frances xoxo

  • Reply Olivia Williams December 7, 2015 at 15:00

    I need to try Charlotte Tilbury SO bad! This is such a lovely lipstick! Her prices are just too steep at the moment for me xx

    • Reply Claudia December 7, 2015 at 15:34

      I know, it really is a big splurge, but I say maybe once or twice a year it’s worth it, as it’s just a beautiful staple that you can have forever <£ (well, almost haha) xx

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