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November 4, 2015

If you guys are anything like me, something free, no matter how small or large, can really make your day.

This month, the December issues of most magazines come with a nice little (or bigger) freebie. When scrolling through my local supermarket, I came across through what I thought was the best ones and I decided to share them here. Without further ado:


BOOM! 4 products scored.


The first one, which actually happens to be the most expensive out of all of them, comes with Harper’s Bazaar and is a 7ml Bottle of Estee Lauder’s much coveted Advanced Night Repair Serum. As the 30 ml full version costs £50, you can do the math and figure out that this little fella is worth over £10. This is a product that I have been meaning to use for a long time but I could not get myself to buy such a pricey product without trying it out first. So here is my lucky day. Also I got a back-up in case I run out and decide that it’s my next holy grail serum. I will let you know how that goes.


After that, with Marie Claire, you can find 4 versions of the L’Occitaine hand cream, with a FULL SIZE 30 ml. I chose the Vanilla Bouquet with 20% Shea Butter but all options are irresistible and smell amazing. Could not get it for a better price, right?

Also, Claire Danes is on the cover of the magazine, so for any Homeland fans out there, double the gift :)


The last magazine that I would like to talk about is Glamour, which is offering 4 different Clinique products. AS you can see above, I have chosen to buy two magazines and I went for the Colour pop lipstick in Cherry Pop- there is also a Nude Pop version, but it’s a very beige-y colour and not something that I could wear- my lips are too pigmented!

Also here is a (very crappy) swatch of the lipstick, which is an intense semi-matte pinkish red.


The other product that I chose was the High Impact Mascara in black- not sure if they are also offering the brown version- I have not tried this one yet but I have had one of their mascaras before and they were OKAY- nothing that blew my mind, but good in combination with another mascara.

The other product that they have on offer is the Dramatically Different Lotion, which I know that a lot of people are happy with, however I had it previously and it doesn’t do much for me, plus I prefer a thicker  cream to make my skin feel properly moisturized.


Last but not least I am looking to get Instyle which have this little baby here- I heard very good things about Ren so I look forward to trying them out! Also they offer a 20% off discount for Ren products so this could get interesting.


What magazines are you planning to buy this month and are there any freebies that you would recommend?




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