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December 14, 2015

As a pretty new blogger and hopefully soon to be vlogger also, I have gotten inspired by so many other amazing women who are killing it in the industry. Therefore, today I thought I would talk about my top 5 favorite vloggers that have inspired me to take my passion to a different level and actually put myself out there, even if some might find it superficial to talk about makeup and beauty all day or do not understand the way this industry works and how it can become a fruitful and fulfilling career.

These are in no particular order, as I love all of them dearly.

Kathleenlights– find her here

KathleenLight Kathleen Fuentes

Even though I said that these are in no particular, I was probably being dishonest, as I love Kathleen more than any other youtuber in the world!! She has been at it for quite few years now and I just love her style. She has a lot of product review videos, hauls and also some tutorials. As a preference, I enjoy watching product reviews, makeup collections, dupes and everything in that range. I can just find some tutorials slightly boring sometimes, especially when I don’t have the exact same tools and they just don’t keep me entertain me as much. Kathleen has created her own eye shadows and lipstick with Colourpop (in the photo above you can see her holding the eye shadows) as well as two lipsticks with Ofra Cosmetics. She is simply very genuine and I just loved her relaxed, Florida native relaxed attitude. Also, did I mention how gorgeous she is?

BeautywithEmilyFox – find her here
maxresdefault (1)

Emily Fox is a Canadian beauty vlogger that has been online for the last two years or so and she is OBSESSED with lipstick. I have discovered her while googling some swatches for Nyx lipsticks and her face and swatches kept coming up. I had never watched a lipstick swatch video before so I was like ‘okay let’s see’ and then I watched another and another one and…yeah you get the idea. She has the cutest accent ever (French Canadian) and in my opinion the best lips for swatches. Also she started branching out in more general make-up videos, like hauls and more high-end make-up so her channel is never boring.

EmilNoel83– Find her heremaxresdefault (4)

Hail to the queen! If you are a beauty lover and have never watched one of her videos, what are you doing with your life? Emily Eddington has the most down to earth, calming, soothing voice and aura that someone talking about make-up could have. With a background in broadcasting, Emily is one of the most successful vloggers that  has not yet sold her soul to the devil ha. She has a very honest, in depth style of reviewing things and is not afraid of changing her mind if she uses a product and then changes her mind. I strongly recommend you watch her videos before making any major purchase :)

JamiePaigeBeauty– find her here

maxresdefault (3)

Cheers to my love of Canadian girls! Jamie has been making videos for around two years and even though I have only been watching her videos for a month or so, I feel as if I’ve caught up with most of her videos :) She is a freelance make-up artist and I can say that she definitely knows what she’s doing. She posts two videos a week with a mix of reviews, tutorials and also some other beauty and lifestyle topics. Also she makes this amazing swatches music videos while lip syncing which I love- definitely go check her out!

Tati (GlamLifeGuru)– find her here

maxresdefault (5)

Oh, Tati… Some love her, some hate her. Her videos kept getting recommended to me on Youtube so I was like OKAY, OKAY, let’s see what this is all about. And to be honest, I kind of fell in love with her videos. As suggested in the name of her channel, she is a glamorous 30 something that just loves playing with makeup and sharing her opinion. She posts 5 videos a week, Monday to Friday, which is something admirable in my opinion, as a lot of other youtubers only posts 2, maybe 3 times. She talks about a mix of drugstore and luxury products and probably one of her most famous series are her ‘WTF’ ones where she tests these incredibly expensive cosmetics, such as £150 foundations- and vlogs throughout the day about how it’s holding up as well as her first impressions.

Now last but not least:

HONORABLE MENTION: Lisa Eldridge- you can find her here

maxresdefault (6)

First of all, how about that lipstick? Second of all, we cannot discuss beauty and youtube without mentioning THE GODDESS that Lisa Eldrige is.

Lisa Eldridge is probably one of the most famous and well established make up artists that have MADE IT. Besides being a makeup artist, writing a book (it’s out now- called Facepaint, if anyone is interested) and being a creative director for Lancome, she is taking time out of her super busy schedule to actually make videos for US. How lucky are we? If you don’t know how to do your make up or are out of inspiration, go check out her channel. Her soothing voice will guide you through hours of discussing the best makeup techniques, no matter your age or skin tone or type. She is absolutely incredible and is definitely somebody that I look up to in the industry.

So this is it guys. I hope you enjoyed this and definitely let me know who are your YOUR favorite beauty vloggers, as I am always looking for more inspiration :)



Disclaimer: all photos are from and belong to the respective vloggers.

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  • Reply Gem December 15, 2015 at 23:08

    I watch Lisa and absolutely worship Tati, but the others are all new to me and I’ll be checking out their channels. Thanks for the inspo!

    Gem x | flutter and sparkle blog

  • Reply Charlotte December 18, 2015 at 07:19

    I love Kathleenlights she’s amazing!
    Charlotte //

  • Reply Adda January 6, 2016 at 14:09

    I love Tati and Lisa and i follow Kathleenlights and EmilNoel83 <3. A few other i really really like are: Amanda Ensing / Chloew Morello / Desi Perkins / LustreLux . MakeupbyCamila2 aaaand more…but i will not bore you anymore :))

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