5 Matte Lipsticks for Fall

November 5, 2015

In the last weeks, I have realized that I started reaching out for different make up products that I would, say, in August. And of course, that is no surprise to anyone- as seasons change, so do our desire of becoming either lighter, dewier and more natural (summer) or more vampy and darker (winter).

So I wanted to share with you the lipstick shades that I have been reaching out for mostly lately.




As you can see, most of these are not necessarily new products to have just been released but more like what I consider a beauty addict’s staple for the cold season.


First of all, the nudes, or should I say the Jenner lipsticks?

The first one is the Nyx Matte Lip Cream in shade Cannes, which you can now find on the Boots website- I am not sure if it will actually be in stores- that would probably be too good to be true. This is a pinky brown, simply my lips but better, easily wearable every day. The texture is matte, but super creamy, even with a bit of shine I would say, but definitely not the bad kind.

Next is Wet N Wild Spiked with Rum which is part of their MegaLast Matte collection, which I LOVE! This is my second shade and so far my favourite. It’s darker than the Nyx one, and should I say, a bit fussier in terms of applying. It wears truly matte and it has a really good staying power (up to 4h without having to reapply). It did not really stick to any dry bits on my lips, which is always great for a matte lipstick, but I still feel like your lips should be in perfect condition for it to appear at its most beautiful. Also can you believe that it costs $2 ?! Well, not for us here in the UK, but if you travel to the States, it’s worth stocking up on their collection.



I am not even sure what to say about the next one, as so much has been said about it. Mac’s Russian Red is probably one of the most iconic red lipsticks EVER! I have been wearing this for few years now both day and night, summer or winter, it simply suits anyone and everyone! It is a retro matte finish and it simply sits on the lips beautifully. I recommend you use  the Cherry lipliner from Mac or you can use a small brush to create an outline with the lipstick itself, or simply go wild, lipliner free, I promise it will still look great. So if you are looking for a blue toned retro red lipstick, RUN and get this one!


The next one is possibly my favorite high street lipstick OF ALL TIMES ( and that is a big statement for me!) and the only lipstick that I am actually about to finish. I mean- who finishes one lipstick when we have so many options?  This Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107- Wine is the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s a dark berry (but not too dark like Mac’s DIva) with a slight pink undertone which pulls on matte but surprisingly still very hydrating. Also did I mention that it’s only £5.5o? And that is when it’s full price- considering all the 3 for 2 going on right now, you can basically get it for free.


Last, but not least, a more unusual choice, some might say. I am an absolute sucker for any kind of weird, dark, in your face, gothic colours so when I saw this online I simply HAD to have it! This Revlon Matte Balm is just as they call it, a very hydrating balm. The colour is very opaque (in the swatch I swiped it twice, and that is only because the tip is quite narrow) and would look beautiful both on fair as well as deep complexions. It’s not the most long lasting lipstick (maybe 2-3h max without reapplying) but with a product that has the word ‘balm’ in it I did not expect anything more than that. All in all, even though this is not a colour for the faint-hearted, I think it’s a fun option to enhance your make up without having to apply too much.


What are your favorite lipsticks for fall? Do you find yourself grabbing different colors than few months? Let me know in your comments!





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