10 Beauty Resolution for 2016

January 6, 2016

10 beauty resolutions for 2016Every year in January for about a week or more, all I do is make lists and create resolutions. Sometimes I start in December, but this year I only started at the weekend. While going through all the things that I would like to improve, I also thought of some beauty resolutions or little tips that I believe make a massive difference and will instantly make you feel better this year.


Always take off your makeup

When I was in university as well as working an almost full time job and trying to have a social life, sometimes I would come home too tired to even think about the makeup that I had on and simply fell asleep. This caused my skin to breakout instantly, usually the day after and it would take at least a week before going back to normal. Therefore, I decided to prioritize makeup removal no matter how tired I am, how late it is or let’s be honest, how lazy I feel. I know that a lot of people keep some makeup wipes by their bed stand and that can also be useful, but personally my skin does not tend to enjoy wipes as they’re usually too harsh. Instead I recommend trying micellar water on a cotton pad as a one step removal on the super lazy days or followed by an oil cleanser to get rid of the last bits. It will make a hell of a difference, I promise.


Use hand cream everyday

Especially at this time of the year, weather is not forgiving to our skin, in particular our hands, which are exposed all the time (hello browsing your phone in the cold while waiting for a bus!) so I suggest you always have a travel size hand cream in your handbag. If you are subscribed to any beauty boxes, you must have some laying around or if not, I recommend a trip to The Body Shop, which have so many great affordable options or L’Occitane. Also, you can find great alternatives in your supermarket, with brands such as Nivea or Garnier. Your hands will thank you.


Clean your makeup brushes

If you use makeup at all, that means that you use some sort of brushes. Even if you only use a powder brush or eyeshadow brushes, you should still wash them as often as you can. It is recommended that you wash them every 1-3 uses, in particular face brushes, as foundation and powder build up on the brushes can affect the way product is applied on our face plus, obviously, hygienic reasons. I am planning to write a post very soon on the best way to clean your brushes, but spoiler alert: baby shampoo and patience.


Shop your stash

Probably this is my favorite resolution of the year, as I love shopping in general. What I mean by this is that when you have a decent makeup collection, it is easy to get in a rut and use the same products over and over again. So, sometimes, say, for example once a month, grab a little basket or box and start ‘shopping’ from your own collection, by picking up things that you haven’t used in a while and adding them to your everyday routine. This makes sure that you use more of the products that you already own instead of constantly buying new ones.


Drink more water

Yes, I know, everyone and their mother keeps saying this, but I promise it’s so good for you! This time of the year, everything is dry (as mentioned in resolution no. 2 also) so water helps dry and dehydrated skin to appear plumper and reduces the visibility of pores and fine lines. While this will obviously not solve all your skin issues, drinking 2 litres or water per day will make sure that your body is working properly as well as giving your skin that ‘glow from within’ feel.


Invest in a good skincare routine  (not necessarily expensive)

As a makeup lover, one of the first things that I understood is that no matter how much money, time and effort you will put into your makeup, if your base is not as good as it can be, it’s a waste of time. So make sure that your skin is well taken care of: use a good oil cleanser, a toner suitable for your skin type, a serum to help you lock in that moisture, as well as a good moisturizer, plus an spf for the daytime. You can find my personal skincare routine here for more recommendations in terms of products. I personally enjoy French pharmacy brands the most  as well as natural products made with organic ingredients, which will not break the bank.


Prep your lips

Nobody likes a beautiful lipstick on cracked, peeling dry lips. Especially with the trend of the liquid lipsticks, which tend to be drying, prepping your lips is a must. After a shower or after brushing your teeth, use your wet toothbrush to run over your lips, gently pat them with a dry towel and then use a good lip balm before starting your makeup routine. Alternatively, you can make your own scrub with brown sugar and olive oil, or buy an already made one, such as Lush’s Bubblegum one, which tastes delicious btw. Also, make sure that you use a lip balm before you go to bed, as sleeping can cause your lips to dry also.


Make masks your best friend

Continuing my point from above about skincare, one of the biggest changes in my skincare routine in the last few years has been the addition of a good mask. These days we are spoiled for choice: we have peel off masks, rinse off ones plus the easiest of them all, sheet masks. Personally I like to use a mud or clay mask once a week plus lately I have been enjoying sheet masks which usually help with brightening and hydrating the skin. There are options out there for all budgets and all skin concerns, so don’t be afraid to try them out.


Sleep better

Last but definitely not least, it’s about going back to basic. No products can replace a good night’s sleep. I am guilty of staying late at night browsing the internet and waking up late, so this is one that I am taking very seriously. Even if you need 5 hours or 9 hours or whatever it may be, make sure that you listen to your body and go to bed when you feel sleepy instead of shutting down that feeling and watching ‘one more episode’ (don’t worry, you’re not alone). Other tips would be to make sure that you sleep with all the lights off as well as having a good temperature in the room: not too hot, as it will affect the quality of your sleep, while a room that is too cold is not ideal either. Plus try to not eat at least an hour before going to bed, as that may mess up your sweet dreams also.


I hope you guys enjoyed my 10 beauty resolutions and that you learned something new, or at least remembered some of the things that you have been putting off , as I know that I find myself doing that a lot.

Let me know what your beauty resolutions are for this year and I look forward to hearing from you!


Lots of love,


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  • Reply Adda January 6, 2016 at 13:58

    I instantly grabbed my bottle after reading no. 5 :)). I totally agree with everything and i have to admit that there are a lot of things here that i don’t do as much as i should :( . A list of resolution sounds preeetty good right now. Thanks for the idea <3 <3 <3

  • Reply Kiki January 6, 2016 at 18:18

    These are such great goals! I especially appreciate the skincare ones, since skincare is kind of an obsession of mine. I need to find a great mask to add! Lovely post :)
    xo Kiki

  • Reply Ninz January 10, 2016 at 22:20

    First i should say that this is a great post… and second you girl read my mind hahah… Everything you mentioned in this post I totally agree with. I try to force myself to drink more water because sometimes in my busy life i forgot how important this is. Washing my face every night….this is another tough decision i have to make every single night… I literally drug myself to the bathroom ( so tired )…
    And of course totally agree with you that after having a large collection of makeup products we sometimes forget to with with between them, so i am not gonna lie, i do exactly what you have mentioned…i usually keep different products on a side each month so i can use them all up. x


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